Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Might & Reason 10mm WSS

Hoping to play Might & Reason (or possibly PK Field of Battle) with Stephen soon so a solo play test to get rules back into my brain. Quick read over then plonked 2 army builder armies from Sun King module onto table. French with average CiC at 210pts and Imperial Austrian with Good CiC at 180pts.
Used a terrain set-up (ala FOG) from M&R Yahoo group which worked quite well.
One turn of 4 pulses played thus far but French pretty inactive as most of their Brigadiers have turned out to be pants (ie -1 or -2). No shooting yet and only one Cavalry vs Cavalry melee on Austrian left which saw 3 Currassier units bounce off 2 Elite (Maison Du Roi) and a lowly unit of Dragoons. Hope to more turns done tomorrow if possible. Great system.

Initial deployments French on left

Imperial Currassiers advance 

Imperial right with Prussian brigade on hill

French left anchored on town

French centre

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