Saturday, January 22, 2011

DBMM Old but new recruits

Game of DBMM at mine which I umpired between two old mates but who are both new to Dbmm, Hugh and David. Last played regularly with both these blokes back in 7th edition and early DBM (version 1) days including a couple of jaunts to Derby competitions. Hugh used Ummayyad Arab (with Tibetan ally) and David used Burmese (elephantastic). Both seemed to enjoy the game and rules despite complexity and looking to play again. Great to see both and will be nice to have a couple of new enemies at whose hands I can suffer yet more defeats.

Bulgar figures masquerading as Burmese CvI, and Welsh as AxI, Elephants lingering 

Arab spear in centre awaiting onslaught from ElS. Tibetans sweeping to left 
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