Thursday, January 27, 2011

DBMM Teutonic host ready for Munster

Johns Teutonic army safely ensconced in my carrying case just newly lined with steel paper.
A mighty host indeed !
If I had not gotten bitten by Lasalle bug I would very likely be painting my own version of this army.
Attraction is I have no 'proper' Dbmm book 4 armies (my Normans can morph to Early Crusader, Sicilian or Early Medieval German) the troops look cool and are great fun to use (I term them ancient Panzerwaffen) and the army is compact and be ju and therefore affordable and paintable.
Looking forward to Munster games even if Bows, Artillery, War Wagons and other nasty to Knight types are likely to be order of day. At least it will make a change to get beaten by new opponents......................................

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