Saturday, January 08, 2011

DBMM Teutonic Order vs HYW English

Another Dbmm practice game for Munster. I tried again the Teutons against those sodding hateful vile 100 Years War English. Another good game but as always a frustrating experience against the machine gunners. Terrain allowed the sods to play only half the table and of course I had to setup first. Holsteiner Allies sent on flank march but decided to arrive T2 ie before my two mobile Knight commands got properly into position. After initial 6 the Holsteiners then rolled consistent 1 for Pips and with Inert general this meant only his regular Pip was usable. Unsurprisingly they got shot to pieces. English got lucky shooting at my KnS killing 2 (rolling 1s does make it easy for them !) and weakening my charge. I did manage to get onto flanks of one formation of bow and killed a few but my own losses were too heavy and when second Command broke after Holsteiners the brittle Teutons were beaten. Despite this I have decided to take the Teutons (John kindly lending them) to Munster as I find them a fun army to use.

iPhone pics

Teuton set up 2 Knight commands behind foot command

English deployment to right of central wood Mounted Infantry command to rear

Holsteiners arrive turn 2 on right

English advance in centre

Holsteiners trundle forward as Bruder knights deploy

Crusading Knights attacking English flank after Holsteiners destroyed

Teuton CiC tries to move Regular foot to right but too late

 Bruder knights suffer losses from BwS & ArtI

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