Thursday, January 20, 2011

FOGRenn Thirty Years War Swedish versus Catholic 1632

Played a hugely enjoyable game with Field Of Glory Renaissance rules today at Stephens with my Thirty Years War Catholic Imperialists under Tilly (Great cmdr) taking the field again against the dread Swedes lead by Gustavus (Great cmdr).
More terrain in this game than usual which lead to nice tactical situations and problems. With a village and forest on my right flank I decided to mass my Horse units (two Currassier and two Bandoliered Reiters) under Pappenheim (Field cmdr) and a subordinate on the left to try to sweep across the Swedish front whilst my three Tercios advanced in centre. A lowly unit of Dragoons and one of Croat light horse (in ambush in forest) deployed on right. I split my two artillery batteries on right and left. Gustavus deployed with a large battery of four guns supported by the mean and nasty Swedish infantry brigades. They had allied foot and some horse on their right with a unit of superior Commanded shot, their left comprised two horse units with another of Commanded shot.
My cavalry sweep started well with divisional moves allowing my four horse units to advance quickly but a narrow area to deploy into saw them faced adeptly by Swedish Dragoons, Commanded shot (who had advantage of rough terrain) and some allied foot. My Tercios advanced slowly in centre one soon becoming target of massed Swedish artillery. My first charge with Currassiers into a unit of allied foot (average late Pike & Shot unit) was thrown back with losses but I then charged them back again along with second Currassier unit and two (!!!) generals, some 200+ pts versus a mere 40ish. General Horn joined the allied foot. Great impact and melee rolls saw enemy foot disordered and Horn killed and their eventual rout. Some skirmishing type activity on left and lots of shooting in centre, wherein Tercios suffered continuously from enemy artillery.
Time got better of us mainly due to way too much waffling before and during game !!(mainly about other projects including WWII 6mm and Lasalle and lots of in game discussion of troop interactions) and we called it a day at this point. Lots of subtleties  in rules becoming apparent the more we play, with troop types that seem similar (in lists and points costs) markedly different on table. Always amazed how much I like FOGr compared to Ancients version.

Swedes deploy

Imperialists arranged

Imperialist Tercios

Imperial horse massed

Swedish Brigades 

Allied foot move to their flank

Imperial Horse manoeuvring (passing lovely vineyard bought at Warfare)

Tercios advance 

Swedish battle lines and massed guns

Tercios sustain losses

Reiters hold the flank

Allied foot broken after extreme effort (2 units of Currassiers and 2 General committed !!)

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