Friday, March 11, 2011

FOGR Early Catholic versus Ottoman Turkish

Played another excellent game of FogR today against Stephen using my Early Catholic this time with Late Tercios against Ottomans with minimum Mounted. Great game again with my mounted wing charging uphill (a strong position for defenders as with no recoil or push backs in system they have to be routed to lose the uphill POA), could have gone either way but once my Cuirassier units each lost a base to death rolls they begin to wane. I really ought to be less aggressive with them and hunt enemy mounted not large foot units but it is for sure fun hurling them in !  Not much action elsewhere as we were both loathe to advance anywhere near Artillery. Time ran out but Imperialists well up against it and not looking good for their future well being.................................

Imperialist deployment

Turks deployed

Turk Cavalry

Later Tercios 

Turk Heavy Artillery and supports

Jannissaries advance onto hill

Their mounted opponents approach
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