Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DBMM Celtic Cup Runner & Riders

List of armies in use at Celtic Cup for Dbmm this weekend, being an open competition the variety is of course rather wide. No contemporaries for my Byzantine to face and not too many I would relish having across the table, but will be interesting and enjoyable anyhow as all a nice bunch of lads that are entered.
Both DBMM and FOG being played in 15mm.

Name Region Army
1. Mike Bennett England Dailami
2. James McKenna N. Ireland Later Swiss
3. Ian Austin Scotland Late Roman - Eastern
4. Rob Brennan Republic of Ireland Timurid
5. Jan van Embden (Sat) Republic of Ireland Seleucid
6. Mick Hessian (Sun) Republic of Ireland Jurchen Chin
7. Stephen Brittain N. Ireland Late Roman
8. Gary Barr N. Ireland Maurikian Byzantine
9. William Coughlan Republic of Ireland Gallic
10. Tony Bergin Republic of Ireland Early German
11. Mark Gibson N. Ireland Neo-Babylonian
12. Gareth Allen Republic of Ireland Hundred Years War English
13. Anthony Fitzgerald (Sun) Republic of Ireland Nikephorian Byzantine
14. Tim Madeley Republic of Ireland Navarese
15. Brian Bull N. Ireland Macedonian

Here also list of Foggers

Name Region Army
1 David Houston N. Ireland Mid Republican Roman
2 Ian McKay Scotland Later Sicilian
3 Hugh Cameron Scotland Medieval Castillian
4 Dave Saunders England Later Sicilian
5 Gordon Jamieson England Lydian
6 John Muir Scotland Early Scots Isles and Highlanders
7 George Dick Scotland Post Roman British
8 Tom Sheeran N. Ireland French Ordinance
9 David Brown N. Ireland Low Countries
10 Robert Crawford N. Ireland Later Selucid
11 John Lavery N. Ireland Swiss
12 David Taylor N. Ireland Ordonnance Burgundian
13 Daniel Taylor N. Ireland Late Republican Roman
14 Richard Aynsley Republic of Ireland Classical Indian
15 Keith Branagh (Sat) N. Ireland Selucid
16 George Kingston (Sat) N. Ireland
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