Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FOG Renaissance New Lists & update

Just got this this week covering armies from 1660-1698 for Field Of Glory Renaissance rules. The 'Boyne' armies are of course of interest.
Just a pity the rules don't include War Of Spainish Succession.

Have also been re-basing my Maurikian Byzantine army for Dbmm competition coming up this Saturday & Sunday here in Belfast (Celtic Cup) but no pics as don't want to give composition away (not that its in any way cunning or tricksey !).
Hope to take a few pics for blog.

12 Black Hat Prussian Dragoons and 12 Prussian Hussars for 1813/1814 currently on painting table, hope to finish these in week or so.


  1. Have they give the actual army lists for the Boyne or a generic army list?

  2. Hi Ray

    Not specific OOB for Boyne more generic Anglo-Dutch and Jacobite Irish lists (obviously covering more than just Boyne date).
    Lists do give troop types/gradings but since designed for comp style 800-900pt armies not OOB specifc as such.
    Wouldnt be too hard to work around proper OOB but of course painting the buggers is another thing ! :-)

  3. Looking forward to some pictures from the competition, good luck.