Saturday, May 21, 2011

DBMM (& FOG) Celtic Cup Day 1

Celtic Cup Championships held in Belfast with 15mm Open Competitions for DBMM and FOG rule sets.

Game 1 My Maurikian Byzantines (627AD) against Selecuid (Jan Van Emden) a marginal 14-11 win for me

Game 2 Byzantines against Naverese (Dave Houston) a reasonable 18-7 win (Dave had some truly awful dice in combat)

Some other games from the day

FOG games (Dave Brown tries to sneak a unit forward whilst chatting to opponent)

DBMM encounter

More Dbmm (I think that Housties crotch in sight on right !!)

Willie Coughlan sets out his Gallic horde (and looks smug about it)

More Dbmm (Stephen with his Late Roman in distance) Mark Gibson & Ian Austin (to the fore) 

Richard Aynsley plays 'pocket billiards' whilst watching Dave 'the man in black' Taylor 

A great days gaming (And I already have vastly more points than usual !!) with a good variety of armies on show in both competitions.


  1. Great photos of what looks like a great day!

  2. Theres some great looking games there.

  3. A lot of good games and a lot of great looking minis