Sunday, May 22, 2011

DBMM (& FOG) Celtic Cup Day 2

Celtic Cup Championships day 2

Game 3 against Later Swiss a 2-23 duffing after suffering a night attack (giving Swiss 8 turns without reply) note my picket line about to be imploded. Seamus McKenna (Dbmm overall winner) commanded the treacherous yodellers.

Game 4 against Naverese (Tim Madeley version) another duffing 0-25 as I had Housties awful dice syndrome. No pics as batteries died on camera (pity as Naverese very pretty) 

Some other games captured (whilst Seamus performed night maneuvers) sadly I dont know names of most of the FOG gamers or their armies.

FOG encounter

More FOGing about

Yet more FOG

And yet more (John Lavery looking mystified in his FOG game) 

Dublin DBMMer Mick Hession (with some Chinese carry out army) against Ian Austin (?) and Late Eastern Romans

FOG with I think Dave Taylors Burgundians on left ?

DBMM no idea who or what 

Dbmm again unknown who & what

DBMM Neo-Babalyonian (Mark Gibson) against Timurid (Rob Brennan)

Two DBMMers pretending unconvincingly to enjoy their jaunt in the FOG 
(Dave Houston and Richard Aynsley)

Again a great days gaming even with my return to true lowly form. 
Four good games against four gentleman opponents and lots of highs and lows of dice rolling to satisfy a gamers heart.

DBMM winner was Seamus (undercover alias James) McKenna.
FOG winner was Dave Taylor.
Team winner (covered 3 nominated players across both comps) Scotland.


  1. Good report, pity about the results.

  2. Hi

    Had great time despite results today (still better than my usual with 2 wins) as all good hard fought games. More cautious types than I achieved more points with more drawn games but that aint my style :-)


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