Monday, May 23, 2011

FOG Renaissance Thirty Years War game

Played a game of FOGR today against Stephen using my Early Imperialist against his Swedes. Great game despite our being bit rusty with the rules and not actually finishing. Swedish Foot Brigades are very tough indeed definitely the creme de la creme of the period.

Imperialist deployment

Swedish set up

Swedes (Swedish brigade on right with extra Pike stand and Regimental gun)

Imperial Tercios squeezed by terrain

Imperial Cuirassier skirt the village

Swedish right flank

Cuirassier emerge to engage Swedes

Swedish Brigades advance

Tettering Tercio and Swedish Brigade in combat

Cuirassier engage a unit of German Mercenary Pike & Shot (both side took losses)

Tercios struggle to deploy

Imperial Reiters arrive from a successful flank march

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