Saturday, May 07, 2011

PK Field Of Battle : Prussians take on French

Game at Stephens today I picked period he picked rules so it was 1814 Prussians versus French using Piquet: Field Of Battle rules. A hugely entertaining game it was too ! we used Lasalle terrain generation and half measures for our ground scale. I fielded 5 Brigades with 23 units against 20 French units. French had several Elite units Prussians none (I really am a glutton for punishment !) Terrain was 'the valley' with line of hills on opposing sides of table (Stephens rubberized terrain mat very useful for this allowing placement of items underneath - considering purchasing one) into which I placed a wood and a field and Stephen a town.
Prussians designated as defenders  although this proved nominal as cowardly French hugged their ridge whilst 'General Vorwarts' went.............'Vorwarts'.

Lots of crappy iPhone pics (with lots of caption 'digs' at French dogs):

Prussians line along their ridge (temporarily)

French line theirs (super-glued)

Prussian mounted Brigade advances on right

Prussians Infantry Brigades begin to advance

Guess who are advancing ? 

Even the lowly Landwehr show French how its done 

'Vorwarts' in the center 

French militia cower in town

More 'Vorwarts-ing'

Landwehr go eye ball to eyeball

Whats this ? French heavy cavalry actually advancing !!

Reserve Infantry Brigade 'up and at em' against French 'one step forward two steps back' Brigade. 

Earlier shot of mounted wings mutual advance

French 'Elite' Infantry falling back so much for fabled elan !

French right at start

Prussian centre

Prussian cavalry on right wing

French 'attackers' center 'nailed' to ridge

The 'bold' French furthest foray

Footnote: FOB vs DF
Having played last two games using Die Fighting it was interesting to compare these rule sets and to be honest both very good and yield plausible results in their own ways. Overall systems in DF a bit slicker but we both enjoyed (more familiar or comfortable might be better terms) being able to 'kill' outright a unit on table today rather than solely 'routing to its doom' only but its simply a different approach to combat outcomes/attrition. FOB lacking a bit of flavour/diversity between inherent periods perhaps but possibly more 'balanced' as a game as a result. DF resembles original Piquet more closely (not surprising as same author) in that one simply cant attack/move everywhere (at least thats a risky strategy) as resources/pips dwindle or not available, whereas FOB allows a 'general advance' (not necessarily a good idea) as pip costs to turn cards but not to act on them plus both sides get to react with equal pips (tempered by different sequence decks). Comparisons a bit 'apples and oranges' as both offer fast play with the inertia/chaos/unpredictability to differing degrees that we both like in wargames. We both like Lasalle as well (even if Cavalry seems a tad powerful) and its nice to have options especially for our friendly type games wherein being 'jacks of all trades even if master of none' suits us.

We are hoping to try 'classic' Piquet: Cartouche and Les Grognards with smaller forces for more tactical nuanced option at some stage and to try DF & FOB with ACW or Franco-Prussian forces ...................... ah the lure of fresh projects.............................
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