Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing all visitors a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Looking back on 2011 in wargaming terms I had a decent year, lots of games played and a whole Prussian 15mm Army painted (after several years of little or no painting) and several odds and sods painted. I bought a literal ton of gaming related books of most are rules (and even managed to give several an outing !). I also obtained a lot of terrain items, not least more trees, which enhance the look of the tabletop.
A good year for this blog too as I am now quite competent and quick with it.
Only downside is not being able to complete (ie start) my British AWI project with the very nice Peter Pig figures still sitting waiting (expansion of Prussians to blame !). Also lots of other projects contemplated/started by unfinished (the 'curse' of the wargamer) such as re-basing my 6mm WWII, re-basing 10mm WSS and completely re-doing 20mm WWII stuff. Getting an eye infection problem last week or so not helped with any of this of course (improved greatly I am glad to say)

As to 2012 well the AWI British and the other projects obvious candidates. Several new rules (its definitely a disease) in pipeline with 'Die Marching' 'Maurice' & 'Pike and Shotte' high on wish list.
As to new projects I suspect that ACW is likely in later half of year big decision is to whether I go with 15mm Confederates (to oppose mates Federals) or go do I go with 10mm doing both protagonists (I really fell in love with the 10mm stuff from Kalistra at Warfare), this will of course mean a glutch of ACW rules required !
Dbmm competition at end of January in Munster and Warfare show visit again in November only scheduled 'events' thus far.
Other than that its get as much painted and get in as many games as possible, ie business as usual.

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