Thursday, January 05, 2012

New arrival and another new experience

Field Commander Napoleon arrived today which is extremely quick service from sender (wee plug for Boardgame Guru site that I used at especially to the remote colony of Ulster !!
Only had quick delve through contents but very nice they are.

A SYW miniatures game planned for tomorrow which I need table for but hope to get a go at FCN later on.

Also yesterday evening I had a game with 'RPG' mates of a boardgame called 'Mansions of Madness' (often a description given to my own abode I fear) which is a fantasy/horror game (sort of Cluedo/murder mystery/gothic horror mix) under the Call Of Cthulhu banner. Like RPGs this is not a genre I have ever had any interest in. The subject matter was definitely not my cup of char at all although the early 20th Century setting was interesting. But the game system itself was very enjoyable with a great interaction of cards, events, 'monsters', puzzles and characters with 3 of us as investigators and the games owner playing as the 'Mansion' as such setting up the story line and controlling the horror events and encounters. The game components were also nice with great 'gothic' artwork.
We just failed to solve the mystery by running out of time in the game (a count-down system in game goads players to not faff about too much) which led to the Mansion and ourselves being 'consumed' by something below the Mansion. A fun game to play despite the off kilter (for me) subject genre.

iPhone pics of board etc which really do not do the components justice at all.

Numerous cards and counters used in system

The Mansion laid out (very nice double sided tiles) with clues, equipment and obstacles thereon
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