Friday, January 06, 2012

SYW game with Minden Rose rules

Played a game with my Seven Years War Russians against usual Prussian opposition today using Minden Rose rules (which I believe are now free as a PDF ?). A most excellent game it turned out to be as well. The rules are straight forward and deceptively simple but we found they flowed really well giving a fast game and yet engendered a nice SYW feel. Each turn is nominally represents an hour (which is pretty much how they played in real time) and so the reasonably free maneuvering seemed ok and the decisive nature of melee and shooting also felt ok (as representing more than single volleys/charges potentially). The 'traffic light' order system (Attack, Hold and Retreat) worked well in combination with the Command Test and Morale Test system. Only real beef we had was that whilst Brigadiers are key for purposes of Command and Control and to Rally Troops of effect Morale tests they have no other bearing on game in that they cannot be targeted nor used to join units to effect combat. Works fine in game but we are used to more direct input by and risk to our Commanders in other rules. All in all a fun game and decent set of rules which we well give another run out in the future.

The Russian deployment

Prussian opposition 

Prussian center (with new roads, buildings and fields on show)

Russian center

Russian Light Cavalry Brigade

The Russian 'heavys'

Opposing Heavy Cavalry Brigades face off (the Ivans were totally routed !!)
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