Sunday, April 29, 2012

My bulging Wargames room

Few pics (playing with new iPad toy) of my games room which with the 7ft x 5ft table I managed to squeeze in is somewhat bunged to its qills with wargaming 'pruc' (better half does not mind the wargaming as long as it stays in one room).
Works fine with max of 3-4 players only real problem being moving past each other to use bathroom facilities.
Of course its better than Mr Wells back breaking knee smashing floor version.
I really need a lottery win !!!!!!!!!!!!

Boardgames and file boxes of figures

More boardgames and figure boxes plus boxes of unpainted lead...........

Drawers full of terrain items and rules (beware for we are Legion)

Reference books and rules array

More boxes of figures

Pics on wall as too lazy to repaint

Of course the whole area underneath the table is used for more boxes of magazines, games etc !!

Also a PBEM game ongoing with West Front from Campaign Series of a scenario 'Crown Of Thorns' covering action around Hill 112 Normandy 1944

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