Thursday, May 03, 2012

More Board Wargaming goodness..........

Had a quick blast at an oldie couple of nights ago 'Cobra' (TSR version). Great game despite the fiddly counters. Very straightforward game but nonetheless playable and just plain fun. I only played a few turns (as something else turned up of which more later........) but easily got back into swing of the game despite it being 20yrs since I last played it !! Germans were holding British easily south of Caen but the US forces build-up to the west was becoming irresistible.

The arrival of this (EBay purchase) saw me swiping Cobra of my table to set this one up for a run through.
Looks rather good with low unit count although the card map is bit underwhelming as in I would not have liked to have paid full whack for it.

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