Friday, August 17, 2012

DBMM Yuan Chinese vs Samurai

Played another Dbmm game at Stephens as he had yet another army he wanted to try this time Samurai (and very pretty it was too). I having as late as this so borrowed a Yuan Mongol/Chinese army as a near contemporary. Samurai used Pallisades (ie Temporary Fortifications) which we have not used before and it took us a bit of head scratching to work out rules for them as sort of strewn throughout rules. We made a couple of mistakes early on, main one being that whilst a destroyed TF counts as difficult going the winner advances beyond rather than into/upon this difficult going which makes sense, when combined with loser recoil base width not depth but took us a few reading to realise this. Another fun game of Dbmm

'Auld' iPhone pics (ie a bit ropey)

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