Saturday, August 04, 2012

Maurice Seven Years War

A Seven Years War bash today at Stephens with my Russians against the Prussians using the most excellent Maurice rules.
A really enjoyable game it was too (these are another very fun set of rules by Mr Mustafa).
We used the army builder points system and random terrain set-up with two 100 point armies.
Terrain was Plains and eight pieces in total. Stephen had Great Captain card (very appropriate for Frederick of course) Lethal Volleys and Cadence Step.
I had Rally To The Colours and Steady The Lads for my Ivans. Prussians were attackers and set up second (a big advantage).
They massed on my somewhat week left flank and with Cadence they were able to rush forward in column and deploy into line right in my face.
Russians were able to shore up flank by marching two Infantry units that had deployed in column as a reserve but of course being Maurice this meant they were doing little elsewhere having to dance continually it seemed to Prussian tune (composed by Frederick).
The ability of a Great Captain to allow the CinC a 'free' 8" move each round proved very effective indeed whereas the poor Russian CinC had to burn cards to move or else staying one place.
Pressure on Russian left eventually told as Prussians outgunned them.
We also tried using Notables for the first time today.
I had Cameron Von Muller (a Scots exile enobled in Germany) who I placed with my Elite Horse Grenadiers but since my Cavalry wing was not involved he got no chance to shine.
Prussians had a chap whose name I neglected to note who also attached to a Cavalry unit which charged a single battery of Artillery and was repulsed (my base 2 plus a 6 rolled vs a base 6 but only 1 rolled !!) and to add insult to injury he then failed his Hazard roll and was then killed !!
This was my only success however......................
A really fun game indeed with a set of rules I enjoy a lot as a nice balance of that chaos factor I like with very slick and playable systems. Everything is integrated very well and just simply works.

Russians deployed

Russian center and right wing Cavalry

The weaker left wing

Prussians massed on their right

Prussians getting numbers to count
Prussians deploy from columns

Russian center tries to re-deploy (note two units in column scurrying to left)

The Russians left has disappeared !

Out of focus (due to my tears !) shot of Russian dead pile

No Gold Medal for me but plenty for Team GB !!!! Huzzah !!!!

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