Thursday, August 23, 2012

Normandy 44 play

Normandy 44 up on table again for solo rule learning exercise.
Played Invasion turn and first two full turns thus far. Nice game with fairly intuitive mechanics, a bit more 'old fashioned' as such compared to some games I have been trying lately.
A few special unit types require a bit of memorising (Flak units. Armour, Restricted moves types) and some rule for Replacements/Reserves differ between Allies and Germans. Couple interesting rules such as being in Reserve Status (kind of delayed exploitation) and Determined Defence (attempt to cancel retreat outcomes).
Nothing too onerous. Allied Airbourne units units had fairly rough drop on D-Day with losses and several Scattered but the Germans too weak to fully exploit.
 British Armour also suffered on invasion but all beaches initially secured.
Standard German build up around Caen has started with 12SS Pz having just appeared to back up 21st Pz.
Hoping to get a few more turns in.

Overall view

British beach heads
Overall view at the end of the 7th of June
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