Monday, February 04, 2013

Combat Commander another two scenarios played

Another two scenarios played with my Dad of this most enjoyable collection of bits of carboard and paper !

First scenario was from the Mediterranean Playbook covering action between Canadians and Fallschirmjager at Ortona Italy in 1943.
Basically a fight in a built-up area (map mainly multi-hex buildings) with the Cannucks having to advance against the formidable Green Devils.
My Cannucks made decent progress turning the Devils left wing but lost a couple of key Melees for Victory Hexes giving the Germans victory when Sudden Death roll ended game.
We both had Heroes that came and went with some frequency in this one.
And Germans seemed to constantly be able to check my hand and pick a discard.
More enjoyable mayhem on a different map.

Ortona set up

Canadians push on right flank

Fallschirmjager stand firm at key posistions

Second game was a D-Day action at Pointe Du Hoc with US Rangers scaling cliffs against the Gun Casements (Bunkers in CC) and their garrison.
Some interesting special rules in this one with Rural Roads and of course abstracted but fun and playable Cliff Scaling Special scenario rule.
Yanks set up 12 random units at start on beach hexes then make a dice roll to see how many are allowed to scale cliffs onto plateau with a further random batch taking their place on exited beach hexes.
Also a post German set-up rule saw off board shelling by off-shore fleet. 10 Random hex draws saw 2 adjacent Casements destroyed (this was pretty lucky) and a couple of broken German units as only 4 Yank units appeared atop the cliffs initially.
Slow German reaction (ie no Recover or sufficient Move cards) allowed Ranger units to take several Casements (which btw had hidden VP values) and then slowly mop up the defenders.
Germans quickly apprached their initial Surrender level but 2 Elan events allowed them to stay in contest awhile longer.
The Rangers proved much better in hand to hand stakes than Cannucks (opposistion not quite as formidable though) and ended up taking all but one casement as garrison was forced to surrender.
Another great game full of incident.

German garrison sees first Rangers atop the plateau

Initial four Ranger units feeling lonely and rather exposed

Last Casement left in German hands

Rangers dominate the posistion

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