Saturday, February 02, 2013

FOG Napoleonic game..............and an arrival

Played a game of FOGN today at Stephens (who achieved a very good 4th place at last weekends Munster Dbmm competition).
I used 1814 Prussians and Stephen their French equivalents. I had only 3 Mixed 'Brigades' each with 2 Line Infantry, 1 Landwehr Infantry and 1 Landwehr Cavalry units.
1 Dragoon, 1 Hussar and 2 Medium Artillery units rounded out these formations along with several 'attachments' of Cavalry, Artillery and Skirmishers.
French had 3 Infantry Divisions and a Cavalry Division. Lots of Conscripts on both sides with my Landwehr and several 'Marie Louise' Infantry units for the French and one Light Infantry unit.
Stephen used 3 Artillery units and only a couple of Skirmisher attachments. As attacker he gained one Cavalry unit which went with his Cavalry division.
He had a Skilled Corps Commander and Competent Divisional leaders mine we all Competent chaps. Terrain generation saw 3 town sections (2 of which were joined to form a larger built up area) several hills, some rough areas and a wood.
French were able to occupy the large town early (tough to push units out of towns in FOGN) and he sent his Cavalry Division on an out flank on my left (which thankfully I had guarded against).
As always my default is that attack is best form of defence so I launched 2 of my Brigades forward whilst the other guarded my left anchored on a hill.
Part of reason was to get to grips across the board with variety of unit type and qualities as we both are still learning the rules.
Several charges and moves a bit questionable but it did mean we learnt loads today.
In FOGN Disorder and Wavering are difficult to recover from with Average and especially Conscript troops especially as we realised that a Commander can only attempt to recover one unit per Recovery Phase.
Shooting and Combat (ie Melee) flowed quite easily and we have got the Movement abilities of units fairly well under our belts and the Command System.
Still learning uses of the various attachments.
Again we really enjoyed this rule set despite our newness to it, with it not being so much complex due to systems but more due to the various options open to units (ie quite a lot to remember).
Rather than the Warfare show this year we are considering attending the Derby Show in October and playing in either the FOG Renaissance or FOG Napoleonic competitions for a change (big attraction of Derby is we could drive down from Cairnryan in Scotland with figures etc) but if we are to play either we will need a lot more practice with respective sets.
Bit of a toss up which we go for if we plumb for Derby.

Prussians deployed

French opposite

Staring across the abyss.....................

My initial flank guard

Prussian defenders advance

French flank march arrives on turn 2

French advance on their right as a Landwehr Cavalry unit moves to support Infantry on my left

French occupy the town

Prussians advance towards the citadel

Left flank in trouble as French Dragoons see off Landwehr Cavalry

Effective French shooting causes several disorders to Prussian ranks

Defender and assaulter suffer Disorders

And this arrived whilst I was off to war (a very cheap EBay acquisition) and being a Phalanx Games production it has very nice components. I played the old GDW version many moons ago


  1. Would be interested in seeing more of the FoG:N played. Got to love those Prussians


  2. Looks brilliant Sgt S!

    1. We are quite taken with FOGN, as its has nice 'feel' for Corps level game (takes a bit of getting used to having only played Divisional level before). Lots of abstraction to be sure but just seems quite Napoleonic.

  3. Very nice looking game!

  4. Very nice pictures here! I do like the figures, and the village too!

    (I accidentally rejected this comment on moderation page so have to insert it 'manually' apologies to Phil and damn your eternal hide to that bloody Anon Spammer !!)

    1. Good to see Napoleonics on your table again, Gary. I will be interested to see how you progress with FOGN!