Thursday, February 14, 2013


Couple more items winging their way to Steiners Bunker as I type.

However much more of this and I will need to sell a kidney or other body parts !! those that would still function after 'better half' inflicts due justice that is !!

Whilst I got this for iPad I could not resist getting 'proper' version as I really rather like the system now with Version 2 after very lukewarm/lack lustre feel about original. Inbound from Germany it seems from a print on demand company.

Purchased this on EBay and looking forward to its arrival as heard and read nothing but good things about it.


  1. You mean that's all your mrs would do to you??

    1. You have failed to note that I am half the man I used to be !!

  2. Look forward to comments about RitD