Sunday, February 17, 2013

Combat Commander: Europe a harsh lesson.....

Played an online Vassal game tonight with French chap Daniel (who I played No Retreat with before) and we played a scenario from CC:E I think called 'The Castle' with me as USA against Germans in a very hilly piece of real estate. I found it took awhile to get used to the quirks of the Vassal module (despite having used it once before) but it runs pretty smoothly once you work out options. My Yanks took a real beating in this one with German Opportunity fire proving effective and judicious use of a Mine and Wire card. I failed to move efficently or to use the Smoke capabilities of my two Medium Mortars (they didnt fire once !!) and relied on ineffectual low odds shots at targets higher up and in cover. Daniel by contrast made few if any mistakes and his set up made most of his height advantages.
We did have one tussle in melee wherein my Hero and squad destroyed his Hero and squad. Daniel pointed out one rule I had neglected in previous games in that Leaders add their Ability to the Firing Range of units in their hex. Not a very inituitive rule but I guess its saying that he directs their firing much more efficiently which equates to better range in the game ? I had few LOS queries on this quite complex map with the differeing effects of elevations and blind hexes but Daniel is quite knowledgeable with game so again very educational. Despite drubbing I once again enjoyed the game as there is just so much that happens in the course of a scenario. 

Overall view at end of game

Commanding German posistion on my left

And on my right with my 'redundant' mortars

The graveyard............................

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