Monday, February 11, 2013

Conflict Of Heroes online PC game tournament game and Shifting Sands Pbem

Played first game in an online tournament of Conflict Of Heroes: Awakening The Bear PC game tonight.
Played a very nice chap called Herve from Luxembourg and a very good game it was too.
We played a scenario called Crossfire which is new to the PC version and was totally new to me as I decided not to view/test the scenario beforehand as more fun that way.
I was Germans in a 1941 setting with a very Infantry few units and a single mortar initially but receiving reserves of more Infantry 2 x 38T and 2 PzIIIH plus a very nasty MG42 HMG unit.
Usual hordes of Russians back by artillery a couple of BT7 and T26 tanks and a beast in a T34A. 
Essentially a fight for a village in a valley and a fairly close run thing it was too.
Artillery on both sides was potent killing 6 units apiece and turning the landscape into moon surface in short order !!
My HMG was top dog in killing stakes with 3 kills followed by the T34 with 2 kills.
I managed to take 1 victory hex but could make no headway against the others.
The Russians ran out 19:16 winners over the 6 turns game.
I had forgotten how slick and enjoyable the COH system is and found the PC version quite well produced and compatible with boardgame experience of course playing a lot quicker.
It was a real time online game and my first with the game and also with Skype for chat/waffling (just as well Herve has perfect English as my French is non exsistant).
I 'borrowed' an old microphone headset from my sons room which worked fine if a little sore on ears as cushioning long gone.
I hope to play second game of my first round match-ups next weekend.
Am playing as part of a team and thankfully the tourney is strictly just for fun and crowing rights and a great way to learn the PC game.

Only one screenshot from post game (as I forget to paste captures as I went along)

 As you can see I prefer the board game style counters to 3D icon options (even though I have take screen shot at lower angle than I would play game). Note the extensive artillery damage on show !

Also started (has been a great weekends wargaming) a new Pbem game via Vassal with Norman of Shifting Sands North African Campaign game. Norman has picked the Allies in the Sonnenblume scenario which starts in Spring 1941 and our first exchange of files just completed. I enjoyed this game solo and expect it to be great versus a real opponent especially as its a derivative of the excellent Paths Of Glory game.

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