Thursday, February 07, 2013

Lock N Load: Band Of Heroes first outing (and other stuff)

Managed to get couple of hours free today to put this EBay purchase on table and have a go at a small scenario solo.
This is the initial edition produced by Matrix Games with the much denigated 'haloed' maps.
I dont mind the halos but confess not sure of the point of them over standard outlines ? I know new editions have lost the halos. Counters are very nice and are big (especially AFVs).
Game system is rather good too much less complex than SL/ASL but maybe a tad more intricate than CC:E.
Hexes are activated individually (unless adjacent to a leader) and alternately between players which gives a nice interaction.
Combat is pretty straight forward with attacker and defender rolling D6 each.
Depending on if and by how much an attack exceeds defenders morale this yields varoed results from morale checks to casualties to eliminated. AFV and Ordinance combat is similar requiring usual 'to hit' roll in addition.
The game comes with a heap of scenarios and several small geomorphic style map boards.
Initial impressions are good although I still think CC:E (especially as Stalingrad Pack arrived today !!) will be game of choice for awhile yet.
But this does include AFVs/Panzers/Bazookas etc so that is a very big bonus.

As stated above this arrived today and jolly good it looks too with some interesting scenarios and maps and one or two new rules (sewers, rubble, factories and suchlike).
Looking forward to getting into this.

Also accomanying this was my first ever issue of C3i Magazine (in house magazine of GMT) an older issue with some CC:E content. Have not had time to peruse it much but looks good and gives me that same meaty content feeling that the Avalon Hill (RIP) General always did.

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