Saturday, May 25, 2013

Celtic Cup 2013 First Day on Field Of Glory

First day completed of this years Celtic Cup in Belfast. I decided to try Field Of Glory version 2 this time in lieu of Dbmm. I fielded Early Mediveal French with Viking Allies as these are troops types I struggle to use with anything approaching success in Dbmm. An Undrilled army with nothing really special about it and totalling a modest 11 Battle Groups

Two excellent games today against two gents.

Despite being the most British of Brits I offered to play for (Southern) Irish team (as they only had blokes in Dbmm competition), hopefully my efforts will be aid and not hinderance to their team chances !?

First up was against Selecuids under the command of Scottish gent John Muir (an accomplished FOG exponent it turns out). I had no real answer to his Cataphracts. However I had some really good dice rolls early on with my humble Lancers Cavalry to hold the Cataphracts whilst my Viking Huscarls had nothing short of awesome dice all game (including one turn with 8 hits out of 8 dice thrown) and thereby destroyed two blocks of Pikemen. However my defensive Spearmen did not fare just so well and the heavier armour of the Cataphracts began to tell on my Mounted.
Game ended 21-4 vs in John favour. I learnt quite a few new things about rules which is of course one of best reasons to play against different opponnents. Great fun indeed very much 'a proper wargame'.
We both managed to win a couple of door prizes with John taking prize for first Camp Sacked just after I had taken prize (a nice Osprey on Teutorberger Wald AD9 Campaign) for first General killed.


Second game was against George (whose surname I have forgotten) who fielded a tiny 8 unit Drilled Sassanid army. This is very much an army of manouevre which was evident by George being able to redeploy bulk of his mounted units to his left flank whilst holding bulk of my foot with couple of units. He also had two units of Cavalry Lancers identical to mine. This of course meant I charged them as soon as possible and a regular dice-fest ensued. One of my two six base Cavalry (of course the one lead by Inspired commander) duly broke whilst the other heroically held on despite ending up charged in rear whilst fighting to front. In fact they actually routed both these units !! Alas a third Sassanid unit charged their flank and broke them. The break point for the Sassanids was 8 and I had broken three units requiring just one more to take the game with decent points total. I even managed to cvatch an evading Light Foot unit with a unit of Light Horse but only managed to Fragment them just as time was called. This still gave me a 13-7 win. Huzzah !!
Another fun game.

Couple of pics of general competition area

Tom 'grandad' Worden stands to attention as opponnent moves

Stephen Brittain trys to initimdate young Daniel Taylor with vieled threats whilst pretending to smile

More to come tomorrow.......................

And a great game of of footie on TV tonight (partly making up for Ulster Rugby defeat by Leinster)

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