Sunday, May 05, 2013

Field Of Glory and Combat Commander picture roll

Played another three Combat Commander games (three Tournament scenarios using RPG) with my Dad and a game of Field Of Glory Ancients (Maurikian Byzantine vs Dynatic Bedouin) with Stephen over the weekend.... most excellent gaming feast.
No time to waffle as such just to stick up a bunch of pics I took during the games.

My Russia Rifle Companys assault German Detachment on hill

My Yank Platoon defends against German Company behind Mines and Wire defence.

My Green British Company encounters a Green German Company in fairly dense terrain (western version of Kokoda trail !?)

On the Field Of Glory

Byzantines deployed

Bedouin deployed


  1. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Hi Gary, I admire the speed you can get through those CC:E games in! It's a shame we couldn't get a game of FOG in when I was over last week as you could have walked me through the rules - you certainly seem sold on V2 and from your reports they produce good games. Cheers Norman

    1. CC:E is great for speed of play.
      Funny I was not a great fan of first edition of FOG but now throughly enjoy it. No vast difference between sets but enough small tweaks to make it better IMHO (I suspect playing FOGR a lot has helped). I still like DBMM but it is certainly a more complex set overall and a real bitch to teach.