Monday, May 13, 2013

New arrival Twilight Struggle gets an outing

Managed to get two games of Twilight Struggle in at weekend against my Dad.
First game very much 'a learn as we go' outing as we checked rules (relatively few) and read through both sets of cards as played to get gist of how game plays.
As an aside the USSR won in Mid-War period with auto victory. W
e then re-tried the game in more 'serious' mode and it turned out a much closer game with Soviets just nicking the win by 3 points with last gasp play of Europe Scoring card.
Very enjoyable game despite not being an out and out wargame as such.
Nice balance of Events and Actions (Coups, Re-allignments and Influence placing) with rather different CDG concept of enemy events taking effect if you play the card for your own OPs (inevitable to greater or lesser degree each turn).
Both of us unsure when best to undertake the different Operations in optimum way although with hindsight the Soviet expansion, largely unchecked by US, through Influence placement in Asia & South-East Asia combined with requisite scoring card play gave them a solid lead in Victory Points which USA failed to claw back sufficiently.
A game I expect we will return to often especially as very playable in an evening.

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