Saturday, June 28, 2014

Field Of Glory Ancients

Had game of FOG2 at my gaff using Maurikian Byzantine against Stephen's Arab Conquest.
Been a while since we have played FOG Ancients but we got into swing pretty quickly.
Terrain fell pretty well for Arabs and with my small (a mere 10 units) force I had no real scope to out maneuver them (not something that happens as readily in FOG as in DBMM anyhow).
The Arab foot are pretty tough being Superior Offensive Spearmen in blocks of 8.
They stand up well to my shooting from my Bow* Cavalry and can deal me at least equal damage in Combat.
I found my Skutatoi unit to be redundant and would have been better going all mounted (they are expensive at 78pts too).
I tried a Sassanid ally but again the unit of Elephants did not really fit in (throwing 6 dice at Impact and failing to score a single hit did not enamour them to me either !).
A fun game as always despite a drubbing.

The village with rough hill combo killed one flank of approach for my Cavalry and 2 Enclosed fields on my left made for a narrow area to engage.

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