Saturday, December 27, 2014

Not much time for Blogging......................

Been rather busy this festive season (well more the run up to it) so been bit slow on Blog posts.
I did manage a couple of gaming sessions.

Had a quick playtest of Die Fighting 2 with my Napoleonics but sadly had to cut it short.
Hope to have a fuller play through and proper look rules but suffice to say they appear to be a more streamlined version than DF1 and come in novel format ie a DVD that has video tutorials of rules in action along with printable PDFs for charts and suchlike.
Prefer 'old school' book myself but this is certainly a different approach and most definitely less expensive to purchase from USA.

Also had Combat Commander session with my Dad playing 3 scenarios but I only managed photos from one of them as got so engrossed in this addictive game.

My Seven Years War Prussian army arrived from Stonewall Figures on 23rd so in process of trying to base these in between family visits etc

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