Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Field Of Glory Ancients and Shogun Saturday with a new arrival....................

Had a quick game of Field Of Glory with Stephen using my Romans versus Carthaginians.
Not much to say about this one as it was straightforward bash in center of table which which went the way of Carthage in the end.
We are finding FOG a great system for quick games when time for preparation is minimal or non-existent and we just want to play a game.

Later it was three player game of Shogun with my Dad and son (home from England for a few days).
Great fun with this game.
Nice components combined with Risk style domination and combat systems make for good game.
I twice managed to obtain services of the Ninja and took out enemy Daimyos including my lads last one whom I then managed to destroy with my experience level of 2 ending the game in my favour.

This also arrived and I hope to get a game set up and played with these asap

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