Friday, December 05, 2014

On the table Imperial Eagle (and watched game of Field Of Glory Ancients)

Have set up a game to trial this latest Napoleonic set Imperial Eagle which I have acquired.
Not strictly able to go with the orders of battle contained in book as I do not have the correct French types but should be fairly balanced I hope.
Rules generally seem to have a Division of 2-3  Brigades with usually 1 or at most 2 Support Brigades but I have used forces a tad larger to try various troops types.
Only played a couple of turns but initial reaction is that I like the overall simplicity of the rules as regards combat and movement mechanics.
Some concepts are not fully defined and have asked a for a few clarifications on TMP (no reply from author as yet). Has very much the look and feel of Lasalle or Napoleon at War game (in fact I used one of the Lasalle maps) but with simpler mechanics overall.
Will flesh out a fuller opinion of rules once I play some more.

Also today spectated a game between the brothers Brittain as they fielded a Scots Common versus Feudal English encounter using Field Of Glory V2.
A fun game with the Scots spear manfully making a comeback after their Isleman Allies were crushed on a wing.
A highlight was a lowly unit of Scots skirmishing bowmen shooting to Rout a unit of English Superior Knights (!!!!!) as they rolled 2 dice 3 times getting 2 hits each time causing 3 Cohesion tests on Knights which they promptly failed three times despite attention of a General.
Not often something like this happens.
However couple of Scots Spear succumbed to English Bow/Swordsmen bringing the army to Breakpoint despite having destroyed or routed a couple of English foot units.
Both armies much more usable and indeed much more fun to field in FOG than DBMM was overall opinion.

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