Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another turn of Die Fighting II

Managed another turn today with ongoing solo game.
Quite a lot of Cavalry combat due to multiple Cavalry Action cards being turned.
As I play I am noting an overall streamlining of the game system compared to original DF.
Several 'chrome' type rules have gone such as Blown Cavalry, and indeed Skirmisher rules these are replaced by entries on the Period Templates or the use of the Black Dice and therefore less of a rules overhead to remember.
Cannot find a firm definition of how units count for "supporting both flanks" (think it was discussed on Repique Rules forum ?) or if or how multiple unit melees occur and one or two rules/concepts take a couple of readings to sink in but otherwise so far have always found an answer on the 'Quick Sheet', the PDF or the Period rules.
Really liking the ability to restock Resource Dice per Command and the CinCs ability to 'share' his hoard of Resources which is a key Command aspect in the game.
The card phasing system works well with the unknown factor of which cards are in the Discard pile each turn. 
I enjoyed the old DF variants for card phasing but this is again an easier system to play and yet still evokes a good game narrative.
So far so good will be interesting to see how the Infantry clash goes.

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