Thursday, January 22, 2015

Die Fighting II using Seven Years War kit

Trying out the new version of Die Fighting by Bob Jones in solo venture using my Seven Years War Prussians and Russians.
I used Warfare In Age Of Reason to roll up a tabletop and used the dice values of units from original Die Fighting to generate a couple of reasonably equal forces but with Prussians attacking as such.
Rolled for Leader qualities but stuck with generic values for units (ie Elites are Crack, Line are Average, etc).
I used Bobs suggested x 3 initial dice per command (instead of x2) to generate Resource dice.
The new card system is very nice (I thought I might miss the more varied system of DF but no) with a maximum of 6 phases per turn out of a basic 8 card deck (I placed some of the solo type cards into Russian deck).
This works well to generate usual Bob Jones turn chaos !! my favourite method of gaming especially when going solo.
Already this has seen the Russian Cavalry Brigade on their right get the drop on opposing Prussian mounted.
However they failed to cause any damage and indeed lost (albeit narrowly) the initial Melee Combats.
Artillery has only just got targets and Prussian Infantry are advancing steadily.
The moving and combat systems are essentially the same as in original DF with a few tweaks to the Dice Templates outcomes with main one being addition of 'Black dice'.
These are 'awarded' if a melee lost badly and are rolled as a minus total (this was late optional rule in DF) but can be rallied off.
All the usual re-rolls of lowest and multiples dice, extra 'Free' dice, Command dice are present from original rules still based on varying troop quality and tactical circumstances.
Also now a loss of 13+ dice results in a destroyed unit rather than just a costly Rout, I like this as DF felt a bit bloodless at times.

Biggest and most welcome change is the generation of Resource Dice.
In DF this was based on unit values to generate an overall army total but in DFII it is now based on Commander quality.
Each Commander generates his own pool of dice with the CinC having a 'bucket' he can distribute to other commands at start or during game.
Also on the Restore card (Known as 4R card) the Commanders get to roll to regenerate used dice.
This I really like as in DF the resource dice seemed to dwindle rapidly especially when attacking whereas now they can be restored and indeed Inert Brigades can accumulate a good old stock.
Will be interesting to see how this pans out over course of full game which I hope to complete over next few evenings or so.

Only real downside for me is the PDF style rules (combined with a nice video presentation) as I would still prefer a good old style printed set, but that is just the old curmudgeon in me !!

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