Saturday, January 17, 2015

Shako II French vs Russians 1813

Played a game with Shako II rules today versus Stephen at my gaff. 
We used a points system off the Shako web site which worked well
I fielded 2 Infantry Divisions of Young Guard and a Regular Infantry Division backed up by a Guard Cavalry Division and a Regular Division with 4 Batteries of guns. 
The Russians had 4 Infantry Divisions and 2 Cavalry Divisions with 6 Gun Batteries. 
French were attackers so I got 2 mire Regular units.
Really like the orders system and all the systems work well.
Melee is a decisive as the loser always 'falls back' which is essentially in broken status with only a single chance to rally otherwise removed from game.
Great game and we are inspired to try them again (although Die Fighting 2 still needs an outing)

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