Thursday, November 19, 2015

Chariot conflict with L'Art De La Guerre

Played another game of LADG against Stephen facing his Hittites with my Mycenaean/Minoans.
Another super game.
Hittite Heavy Chariots just that bit better than mine having Impact Bonus but my Spear 'phalanxes' were intimidating to lighter Hittite foot.
So it was a sort of race for my foot to his his before his Chariots destroyed their counter-parts.
Of course one Chariot command succumbed much quicker than I hoped !

Pretty poor pics as on phone with dim lighting

In other news.............note from Amazon to advise these inbound :-)

And I have to say kudos to French Police/Special Forces for a sterling job taking down that IS terrorist sign of the 'surrender monkeys' in this OP !!

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