Thursday, November 12, 2015

Napoleon At War solo game

Decided to give Napoleon At War rules an outing using my French versus Prussians.
Only part way into the game but finding the rules more to my liking than when I first tried them ages ago.
Pretty similar in complexity to Lasalle or Imperial Eagles with units as Battalions.
Movement is free and easy outside engagement (12" of Cavalry and within Artillery ranges) or commitment (6" Musket range) ranges ala Black Powder then its Simple Moves or dice tests for Complex Moves within these ranges.
Shooting is straightforward based on dice per firing base and a hit number based on unit quality (3+ to 5+) with every 4 hits resulting in a lost base with roll to save any excess hits or hits less than 4.
Combat is also straightforward but very bloody as each hit is a base lost.
Some twists with favourable or unfavourable rolls and re-rolls and several unit traits again a bit like Black Powder.
Units can recover lost stands if outside engaged ranges and some combat outcomes can see firefights develop which is nice system.
Artillery is a bit odd in that the batteries are classed as Independent units under the CinCs command meaning they are tad hard to use to support Brigades as he has only a 12" Command range.

Nice points system with units costed if they are Organic or Support at higher price than those classed as Reserve units but these usually do not appear in initial deployment having to be diced for each turn to arrive.
Rules set up as a competition style set with around 2000 pts seeming normal but i used 3200 pts to get troop more variety.
They come with several generic Scenarios such attack on prepared position, vital river crossing which do lend bit more variety than simple encounter games.

Interesting that my revisit to these rules has garnered a more favourable impression than previously.

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