Saturday, November 07, 2015

Seven Years War bash using 18th Century Principles Of War rules

Game at Stephens today using 18thC POW rules.
I fielded a tough but tiny Prussian force against Stephens Austrians.
A good game with me trying to attack on my right only (very Freddie like) but getting into a traffic jam when a wooded area turned out to be impassable.
In POW you dice for terrain density when about to enter (or starts in your deployment zone) with my rolling the requisite 1 to make it a no go area !!
We were a bit unsure how rules handled what they term Trotter Firepower cavalry (not sure if they had to shoot compulsorily or could charge) but went with them being just slightly underpowered mounted type.
Bigger faux pas was forgetting that Prussian movement bases go double speed and even more glaring error was mucking up Melee outcomes (we forget about winner vs loser outcomes somehow !!??)
Still a good set of rules although like Black 
Powder movement is very free and easy which whilst simple to play does sort of seen bit odd for SYW troops.

Phone pics so bit fuzzy

Frederickian traffic jam

Austrian horse await

Damnable nuisance Grenzer defend cultivated area

Austrian foot defend Rough Hill

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