Saturday, May 28, 2016

Die Fighting II (Revised) solo Napoleonic game

Tried out latest iteration (revision sent out earlier in May) of Die Fighting rules by Bob Jones using my Napoleonic Prussians and French in solo game.
System has been amended by Bob in that Commands no longer roll for their Resource/Activity level by rolling Commanders dice but instead its a combination of unit types and Commanders that generate pool (sort of a half-way house between DFI and DFII)
Other 'big' change is that the 4RRR card is no longer in the deck (option to include it as one-off extra card) but is replaced by a new Interphase at end of each turn when Resources are restored, rallies performed and such like for both sides.
So Resource restoration less prone to vagaries of luck than earlier DFII version.
Pools can still be quickly depleted though if a lot of activity undertaken by a Command whether offensively or defensively or in combination.
I had a Command with lowish 19 Resources which after couple of advances (2 resources per unit) and then shooting and melee combat saw pool down to a single resource.
Fighting in a Melee is 1-2 Resources per unit then loser suffers differences in combat dice (optional if 1-6 losses compulsory if 7+, auto killed if 13+ difference).
I had one unit lose by 8 so it lost 2 for fight plus 8 for defeat level and it also then lost its resource contribution of 3 dice (Average Regular unit) as router for a hefty 11 in total, whilst attacking unit only used up 2 for moving into melee and then 2 to conduct the melee (assuming I am doing all this correctly ?)
So resource management is a real core aspect of the rules.
Once a Command goes out of resources its units become Disordered and are hoping for end of turn to get Interphase to restore some Resources (you dont count lost units or those Routing ie having obtained a black dice),
Of course depending on the sequence of the 6 (randomly chosen from 8) sequence cards that could be a long way off if the card you took action with (say an Infantry or a Cavalry action card) came out early in the turn.
In the melee combats it does seem to favour attackers as there seems to be more extra dice awarded than defensively, making astute use of Commanders dice pools a real must.
Not detecting much change to the Napoleonic Dice tables (though sure there are a few) which in Die Fighting awards free dice and re-rolls depending on unit quality, type, situation and suchlike factors.

Little piles of mini-cards at rear are my Resource pools

Oh and more rules to feed the addiction

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