Monday, May 30, 2016

Die Fighting II - Solo bash re-do

After some input from author Bob Jones pointing a major error I made with rules I decided to re-set my solo run through.

The loss of 'only' the units inherent resource value definitely makes a huge difference to how the game plays with regard to the all important use of Resources for each Command.

I had several similar Combat outcomes as in first run through but with losses of 0-5 per unit instead on sometimes double that amount in last game.

This of course makes the 'energy' of each Command much greater (although the temptation to do more/too much rears its head).

The new Inter-phase really comes into its own and creates more decisions as units that have a 'Black dice' do not Restore their unit yield to Resource Pool so one is faced with a diminished Pool but with decision to use some of this under-powered Pool to try to Rally units (thereby contributing their dice in next Inter-phase at least hopefully) or retain for Action phases.

A real Command decision.............

Even on only second run through I am finding it much easier to play and indeed recall the various Free Dice and Re-rolls mostly.

As Bob pointed out the decision in a loss of 6 or less in Combat (Melee or Ranged Firing) is another decision point as a small loss margin of 1-2 seems usually a no brainer but once it get to 3-4 or 5-6 a Disordered Retreat is often a more desirable option.

With potentially large moves (due to combinations of Resource, Free and Command dice) Cavalry are a potent weapon as they can charge stuff at a fair distance.
In game I managed to charge with three Prussian mounted units over 20" each into contact with advancing French Horse and a deployed Horse Artillery units.
If when rolling for a charge (and from beyond 12") one rolls and doubles these generate extra Free Dice as a sort of impetus bonus.
If unit rolls any trebles (or fails to make distance) it becomes Disordered but I was lucky enough not to do so.
The extra dice tipped the ensuing melees in Prussian favour pushing back two French Cuirassier units (one 'gaining' a black dice) and destroying outright (13+ dice difference) the hapless gun battery which failed to shoot off the Hussars hurtling toward them).

Enjoyable stuff.

My only caveat (which I have with Field Of Glory and to a degree with original PIquet) is that not so sure Napoleonic Warfare is fully represented by which I mean lack of lower level Skirmishers and Hasty style Squares (ie Infantry rather easily caught in Line/Column by mounted) does not always 'feel' right if thinking of units as Battalions.
Less jarring if classing a unit as Regiments or Brigades.
But these are of course abstractions which aid fast play and are same for both sides.

I think the rules possibly suit early 18th Century Linear Warfare better overall.

Aftermath of Prussian Cavalry charge and melee (Horse artillery noticeably absent)

French 'Divisions' advance

A Young Guard Brigade suffers a dreaded 'Black Dice'

Prussian Grenadier 'Brigade' deployed

And to its right an Infantry 'Brigade'

Up close and personal with advancing French

That Cavalry Melee again. Note that French command lost all Resources so all units Disordered (luckily near end of turn)

Indecisive melee between Crack Prussian Regulars and French Regular Conscripts

You know what again but after Inter-phase so several French units Rallied from Disorder

Overview of action at end of first turn

French array

French mounted 'Division' before melee ensued

Young Guard 'Division' supports attack on town

French Infantry poised to capture town

Prussian Infantry 'Brigade' under Fabian Commander with Blucher looking on

Prussian Horse that done such damage to French counterparts

Prussian centre

And their right wing

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