Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Black Powder Napoleonic game played

Game of Napoleonic's played today using Black Powder with Albion Triumphant options and a couple of our own house rules.
Usual 1813-15 bash between my Prussians and Stephen's French.

We used points system in Albion Triumphant and I fielded 1200pts to Stephens 1400pts so I set up as nominal defender choosing table side but deploying first.
We ended up with fairly wall to wall units so might try around 1000pts next time.

With the period appropriate rules from Albion Triumphant and their army nuances combined with a couple of house rules of our own (Shooting phase before Command Phase, -1 to Artillery grazing/bounce through fire,no Charging through units, and non-shaken units cannot be broken by a Break Test) we feel we have BP at a point for Napoleonic games that we like and are comfortable with for the level of game it allows/portrays.

We love the free flowing movement and the Command system (despite its at times frustrating nature) and are happy with the Shooting and Melee systems and the unit Traits all of which yield a fast playing game with a decent amount of units and plausibility.

A somewhat different feel to Field Of Battle or Gen De Brigade but with enough flexibility and fun to leave us wanting more.
Certainly less nitty gritty tactical flavour than GDB but with correspondingly quicker play and the traits and rules tweaks give a bit more period flavour than FOB in several aspects (I really must try to house rule FOB with regard to 'hasty squares').

Some pics of action today

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