Wednesday, June 22, 2016

L'Art De La Guerre - Galatians versus Caesars Legions

Game at Stephens using the excellent LADG rules which we have not used for a brave while.

I wanted to try 'Hairy Barbarian' types so picked Galatians and Stephen selected Marian Roman list with Caesar in charge.

All my foot and most of mounted were Elite troops so they had decent durability and Furious Charge (double hits on 1st round if they win).
The Roman Legions were roughly half Average and the rest Elite.

The Elite Romans proved to be awesome indeed as with Elite, Impact and Armour they need to outscored by 3 or more at first impact then by 4 in melee a very tough proposition on a D6 !!

I did manage to beat one unit of Legionaries but the rest held my charge inflicting cohesion hits which cause -1 Disorder modifier in ensuing combats (in LADG you can Pips allowing Rally off all but first hit) making besting the Romans unlikely.
The average Legionaries are still tough but beatable.
The Galatians being Elite did stand for a while not sure if Average Celts are viable ?

Actions on both flanks were largely irrelevant as terrain stymied both sets on mounted on my right and my Chariots played 'chassies' with Light Horse on the left.

At least in LADG the Romans stand and fight unlike in DBMM wherein they constantly maneuver away from the lumbering Celts which is unlike any battle account I know off.

We were both a bit ropey with memory of some rule points but they are fully comprehensive and answers are usually easily found and clear.

As always after playing a discussion ensues as to what armies to try next and indeed what can beat these Romans :-)

Not the best pics as only my crappy phone camera with me.

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