Thursday, June 02, 2016

Piquet Field Of Battle II Solo effort

Replayed game I had set up for Die Fighting this time using Piquet Field Of Battle 2 one of my favourite games especially for solo action.
This was also to get practice with rules for up coming game at Le Ducs (Battle of the Boyne no less !) later this month using FOB.

The card sequencing in FOB lends itself very well to solo play as all one needs to really adjust for is Opportunity Fire by 'inactive' side but generally these instances are fairly intuitive.

All I added was couple of small Skirmish units (with only 3UI) per side to try out as Brigade Skirmish Screens.

I was also trying one or two house rules for Napoleonic era main one being forcing Infantry approached by Cavalry to attempt to form square (stolen from Black Powder) by rolling opposing Defense Dice and Infantry forming square if the equal or win the roll off.

Whilst author Brent Oman clearly states that he did not include such rules as he sees them subsumed into the Dice roll off mechanisms of Combat I prefer to see square as a sort of default tactic in the period.

In contrast to DFII we find the problem is not vulnerability of Line to Cavalry charges but that Infantry can go hunting Cavalry if Loaded as their firepower is generally tough on the mounted types.
System worked fine with Squares forming (some by choice) on both flanks when facing Cavalry which seems more historical (?) for Napoleonic period.

Game turned out to be real cracker !

In FOB there is a pre-game scenario system which in this case saw one Prussian Infantry Brigade delayed getting to the battle (would appear after Prussians had turned their fourth Move card).
However the gained a Deployment benefit which allowed them to deploy further forward allowing them to occupy town at offset.

Also whilst both Generals where same quality (D10) the Prussians ended up with an Exceptional Sequence Deck but only 19 Army Morale Cards whilst French had an Average Deck but 27 Morale Cards (a real advantage in staying power).

With Cavalry deployed on opposite wings this time both opposing Infantry Brigades formed (or where forced to form) square to counter the mounted arms.
So a lot of action occurred centrally with both sides exchanging musket and cannister volleys.
Just as the Prussian Reserve Brigade arrived they ran out of Army Morale (even giving a couple to the French), however in a real reversal of fortune the French then found themselves out of Morale giving back a Morale Card to the Prussians.
This proved timely as Prussians turned an army Morale card straight after meaning they could ignore it.
Such luck evaded the French who soon drew an Army Morale card of their own which they promptly failed  (General's D10 vs D12) ending a bloody and exciting solo game (sad really that I get so involved in solo games !!!)

Some pics

At start with Prussian deployed well foward

French Cavalry and Young Guard take up post on right wing

Prussian Infantry invest the town (occupied by Landwehr units)

Faced by French Cavalry the Prussian Grenadiers deploy into squares

French Infantry Brigade almost caught on the hop by fast advancing Prussian cavalry

Road on left from which Prussian reserves are due 

Field Of Battle cards

Prussian Cavalry charge French columns but are beaten off

Young Guard trying to turn  Prussians out of the town whilst Cavalry faces off Grenadiers

Action in the centre with Prussian reserves just visible on road to left

Prussian Cavalry reformed and French now in squares.

French unable to make any headway at town

Behind French lines

French set up

Prussian set up showing forward deployments

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