Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Seven Years War action with 18th Century Principles Of War

Game at Stephens with him picking 18th Century Principles Of War as rules to use.

So he fielded Austrians against my Prussians.

We have used these rules once before but managed to somehow cock them up big style.

This time we realised that the concept of Command Markers is new from original POW and once we saw how they worked in conjunction with Orders and PiPs we were impressed as the system seems to generate a game that certainly 'feels' very SYW-ish.

Frederick's lot have some decent but not overwhelming advantages such as double moves when on Blinds and more chance of setting up as attackers which combined with better overall Command and Troop quality (Freddie is only Professional Officer available to any Army) makes them potent.

This is offset of course but being outnumbered by the Austrians for whom initial Deployment and Orders can be crucial.
Austrian cannons (out number Prussians 3:1) also are good balancing assets.

We did not finish the game but played enough to really enjoy the game system.
I see us playing this one again.

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