Monday, July 18, 2016

Combat Commander: Stalingrad 3 games played

Another session with my Dad of this most excellent game.

More mayhem in Stalingrad with Ivans being victorious in three encounters, one near the Barrickady factory, another against Romanians at an airfield near the Chir river and lastly a vicious struggle for the 'Commisar's House'.   

All were fairly close affairs with both sides capable of clutching victory.

We had just about everything in the system thrown at us, Mines, Ampulomets (mine blew up breaking its crew and setting fire to hex !), Wire, Snipers, Heroes, Wire Entaglements, Blazes in fact everything except Air Attacks.

Great fun with truly great game, not since the heady days of Squad Leader have I been so devoted or enamored with a game !

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