Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Field Of Battle II - Seven Years War bash - Prussia versus Austria

Game with Stephen using my favoured FOB2 rules and our Prussian and Austrian SYW forces.

We used it as trial of a points system we found online (tweaked slightly) as very often our games are last minute arrangements which makes it hard to set up scenarios and randomize units etc.
Points seemed to work fine for Units and Commanders but may need bit of changing for points for Deck quality as we felt 20% difference was tad too much for Average vs Skilled deck (10-15% may be better).

As always with FOB it proved to be a belter of a game.
I should have known what was coming when Stephen rolled for his Morale Pool rolling a 12 on D12 !!

He then managed to gain Up 1 in 3 pre-game rolls for Fate and therefore on the Command Decisions matrix he gained 3 extra Deployment Zones, I had to suffer Deploying 3 Commands at his whim and he got to re-deploy in a zone (fairly meaningless with me have to deploy 3/4 of army first).
I did however manage to win the Strength category sufficiently to force one of his Commands to be delayed by a D4 + a D6 of course the 'dice demon' then rolled a measly 3 in total !

And so to the game with Austrians able to see Prussian deployment and deploy themselves forward accordingly (Stephen had a Cavalry Command delayed).
Initial Austrian Cannonade saw me roll 1-2s whilst gunners rolled 11-12 and I had Infantry Battalions (including Crack Grenadiers) decimated and routing !
I won 99% of Initiative rolls but Austrian shooting was deadly throughout the game whilst mine was mediocre at best, not only did Stephen roll high but also Even which has added benefits in FOB.

We saw the power of Cavalry in FOB2 if they can survive any shooting and close with foot, well at least Austrian Cavalry proved irresistible as my Prussian mounted arm had more mixed fortunes (but did manage to Rout an Infantry Bttn).
Again Stephens rolling was superior to mine in bulk of Melees.

Of course my Morale Pool was dwindling rapidly with this laser guided Austrian firepower and soon I was out of Chips and handing the Austrians extra chips and this coincided with arrival of Austrian delayed troops.

I pulled an Army Morale card which I managed to pass but declared defeat as over half my Army was destroyed or routing.

Great game played to a conclusion in about 3 1/2 hours which is always a bonus for an evening game.

Prussian centre advances

Left flank threatened by Austrian Cavalry

Austrian left

Prussian Dragoons and Hussar on extreme right

The centre and left, note two Routing Prussian units (red markers)

Prussian left flank has collapsed so centre having to redeploy

Prussian Musketeers just recovered from Rout now in contact with fresh Austrian horse

Prussian horse advance

As does Austrian centre (newly arrived horse unit just visible on left)

Prussians forming a multi-unit square of sorts

Prussian Dragoons readying to charge

Some of the mounting Prussian losses !!

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