Wednesday, July 06, 2016

L'Art De La Geurre - Maurikian Byzantines vs T'Ang Chinese

Game with Stephen using my venerable Byzantines against his T'Ang (some lovely figures) using LADG.
Great game which pretty much hinged on late arrival of my out flanking command.
I thought I would give out flank rules a go (arrives turn after rolling a 5 or 6) but they arrived to late in day to have desired affect.
With the relatively short duration of LADG games out flanks are a bit too risky to undertake unless situation desperate enough.
The T'Ang foot with Spearmen backed by Bowmen are tough as they shoot, count missile support and their spears counter mounted Impact.
My Elite Bukellaroi however proved a match as they are able to survive low rolls and can grind down the foot.
We do enjoy these excellent rules which play somewhat like DBx system but with FOG combat/outcomes.  

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