Tuesday, January 03, 2017

King Of The Battlefield game played Prussia versus Austria

Game today at Stephens using King Of The Battlefield rules as chosen by Stephen.
I used my Prussians and Stephen the Austrians although with these rules as written it is pretty much 'red vs blue' as no difference between armies as such (ie no national characteristics or traits).
But nonetheless are very slick and enjoyable game.
We really liked the Cavalry melees wherein after each round you can choose to attempt to feed in successive Cavalry units to try to achieve a decisive breakthrough, very exciting and feels historical as units are committed to a swirling melee.
Combat both in melee and firing is pretty decisive with most units being routed/destroyed upon second hit (Guard take 3 hits and 2 class only 1).
All combat is adjudicated by causing a Morale Test on target enemy unit with a D8 (counting as plus) and a D6 (counting as minus) with several factors applied and any negative outcome yielding a hit.
Movement is fairly easy with such things as Formation Changes or Charges requiring a Control Test on a D10 with a score of 4+ being successful.
Again a few adjustments to this roll.
Units can Rally hits but this is rather difficult as you must be outside 10" of enemy and requires passing a Control Test but with a -5 !!
Even with a General in contact (+1) this means you need an 8-10.
I had an off-table Reserve Brigade and a single unit Flank March all of which were easily handled by the rules.
We really enjoyed the speed of play and slick mechanics our only negative being the generic nature of the Armies by default.
No army lists as such in rules (only a sample Prussian and Austrian points based examples) but we will address Army differences in such fashion most likely eg allowing early Prussians more Elite types than others and suchlike.

Prussian Cuirassier facing Austrian right (note Austrian Dragoons on counter march)

Austrian left prepares

Prussians 'steal the march' (ability to conduct a formation change for free and move first)  on their right.

Central set ups

Prussian Reserve of Cavalry arrives on right of advancing Foot

 Overview after opening moves

First casualties  on Prussian Horse and a counter move as Austrian Dragoon appear

Prussian gun hit

Prussian march on right continues (flanking Hussars announce arrival but with 2 turn delay)

Prussians outnumbered in centre

Austrian Horse deploys with Foot support

Prussian Foot pinning Austrians back

Prussians wheeling left on their right !

Cavalry melees begin on my left

Losses mount in centre

Flank march arrives as rest of Mounted form up

Austrian view of their right flank

Prussians starting to fold on this flank

Austrians pull back on their left

Prussian right has collapsed 

Leaving the centre in dire straits

Prussians  have some success on right against Austrian Horse but too late as right and centre fold.

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