Monday, January 02, 2017

Turning Point: Stalingrad board wargame played

Played a session of the ever excellent Turning Point Stalingrad game with my Dad (who is thankfully much better after problems with stomach ulcers prior to Christmas period).
A tense game with Dad managing to secure a win with 8 VPs at end of first week aided by my cocking up Russian reinforcements (I limited them for a couple of turns to 3 units per turn instead of per impulse) leaving me rather weak on left flank.
Once an area is lost to Germans its tough for Russians to take back especially if Armoured or Flak units manage to invest the area.
Conversely I caused Germans a lot of grief with a breakthrough on my right as my Dad left too few units in Zones to cope with marauding Ivans.
A great game and hard to believe this came out back in 1989 !!!!

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